5 Amazing PS4 Pro Bundle Deals at Pre-Black Friday 2018 !

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5 Amazing PS4 Pro Bundle Deals at Pre-Black Friday 2018 !

If you’re searching something new in your gaming fun, then PS4 Pro bundle deals can’t afford to lose out there.

Ps4 Pro Bundle Deals

Below you’ll find all the trendy & best PS4 Pro Black Friday prices from the big stores like;

  • Games Stop

  • Target

  • Walmart

  • Best Buy and

  • Games Fly

There’s so much difference in the price rather than the year years on video game bundles and consoles.

The best PS4 Pro Console bundle Deals for 2018-

1. White 1TB PS4 Pro with Destiny 2:

The newly launched white colored PS4 Pro only available as a wonderful Destiny 2 bundle for now. You can afford to buy this Dynamic 4K gaming PS4 Pro around $449.99. Enrich your adventurous fun!

2. Fifa 18 PS4 Pro:

Find the best prices during PS4 Black Friday 2018 sale time? It’s my own favorite PS4 which introduces real player motion technology. If you’re a footy fan of football get a copy of the FIFA 18 bundled in an extra 99p at Gamestop.com.

3. Sony: PlayStation 4 Pro Star Wars Battlefront II Console Bundle

Give an opportunity to your child to immerse in battles with Star Wars Battlefront gaming console. It comes with Dual-shock 4 wireless controller for better play along with the plenty of games and entertainment files.

4. PlayStation 4 (500GB): Pre-OwnedPlay massive game types with wonderful clarity and detail because this 8GB of RAM will complement great apps for better video gaming experience.

5. LEGO: Jurassic World (PS4) Bundle– Enjoy the journey of Jurassic films via this PS4 bundle- Jurassic World where you can customize your own dinosaur collection before moving ahead for a game. Save $42.00 with 2-day shipping on orders above $35.

If you don’t want to waste money on this shopping fest, upgrade PS4 Pro with an older PS4, all games will still work. Along with the best deals on PS4 games, buy all the necessary accessories like batteries, cables, headsets, controllers, cases, adapters, mics, chargers, strategy guides, and memory.

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