5 Black Friday Trends People Saw During Last Year !

As we all know Black Friday day is the best day for us. We identify few trends from 2016 and you must know it.

Black Friday has Become More Big Sales Event

In past years, we saw many advertisers stretch their Black Friday promotions extend over a period of a week. In 2016, the trend continued and Amazon store extended their Black Friday sale event promotion over two weeks. This year we are expecting this trend should be continued by many retailers.

Black Friday Shopping Deals Online

Usually in the US, Black Friday ads start after Thanksgiving, however, with it not being celebrated in Britain, UK store retailers are able to move and maximize their promotions as they see fit.

Black Friday is a Great Social Event

We noticed an increasing amount of traffic comes from social media last year. The citizens are discussing and sharing Black Friday Bargains more than ever before. We also saw a huge increase in traffic from Facebook.

Black Friday Shopping Deals Online

Black Friday is Very Much a Mobile Day

Thousands of people browse Best Black Friday sales on their smartphones! Adoption and usage of mobile device will continue to increase every year. Our data analytical report showed 69% of traffic came from a mobile.

Black Friday 2017

One factor for this is when customers are searching for discounts in the USA. In the year 2017, we are expecting the highest peak at midnight hours because some of them are likely to browse websites from their mobile devices in bed. The second peak was at morning. On the Black Friday, it is a public holiday in some states and most of the people choose to take leave. So for now, we are expecting more conversion from mobile in 2017

It Expands Beyond Tech

This money saving event has dominated by demand for tech deals such as TV’s, Laptops, Gadgets, Video games, Smartphones, Grills etc. We’re seeing Black Friday gaining pace in other categories too. During last event, we saw an increased demand for travel, clothing, and furniture. Ford was also the part of 2016 Black Friday sale.

Black Friday is an International Happening

We saw a expanding number of activity coming not simply from the US but rather different nations like Britain. There is craving from abroad purchasers to snatch a deal. With the pound still moderately weak, we hope to see more request from abroad.

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