Avoid Black Friday Scams in 5 Simple Ways !!

As you know, Black Friday on the horizon. Millions of people are likely to check in to online website accounts in order to shop essentials with a bargain. Our accounts have sensitive details such as credit card/ Debit card numbers, address, mobile no, are often used to snag a time-limited deal. Black Friday can be your scam partner, even legal websites have poor securities that lead you into trouble. Let’s find out some tips to keep in mind during Black Friday 2018 deals.

1. Buy from trusted stores

When it comes to online shopping, it’s nice to shop from traders whom we know well and trust blindly. Read their terms and conditions and payment methods to avoid trouble. Some of the fake websites deliver defective or damaged products. Millions of shoppers are in hurry to grab heavy discounted deals as soon as possible from these trusted stores; Target, Groupon, WalmarteBay, BuyDig, Amazon and much!

2. Don’t click on unknown ad links

No matter! whether you’re shopping on your laptop or pc or smartphone or whether the link appears in your email or pop ups, don’t click on any strange advertisements. Because many of times we clicked on the links and we don’t know where that link is going to go and what malware is waiting there to hacked our personal information!

Black Friday Scams

Here are some tips to remember !!

3. Install anti-virus software

Make sure you have anti-virus and phone software on your device to avoid those accidents. If you already have it, update it before starting your Black Friday specials shopping.

4. Read return policies

On thing that is worth even with traders you trust. Check their return & exchange policies before processing the order. Don’t forget you should manage to get some online Black Friday deals but there’s no such guarantee a shopper can be satisfied with all of their products on the delivery day.

However, return policies might be changed during the holiday season. Some retailers usually extend their return days, some have shorter return time specially for Electronics. So, if you decide to return something, first check you must have proof of your purchase

5. Don’t believe on Facebook deals

Don’t fall into the trap of great deal scams on Facebook. As we know, it is the hub of fake news and the same things go for fake Black Friday offers & sale. If you think it’s too good, then probably it will be! But first visit official company’s website for a deal, if you find it there, then you’re in safe hands!

Save yourself from these tips, you’ll go long way in protecting yourself against online attacks this Black Friday! Happy Shopping……..

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